First Lutheran is a place of music! A variety of choirs, hand bells, seasonal brass and strings, praise teams, organ, instruments, and congregation…all glorifying God through music!

If you are interested in being involved in one of these music opportunities, please contact the director.

  • Spirit Bells: Steve Meyer, Director - 530-3256
  • Chancel Choir: Stephen Kingsbury, Director -
  • Youth Praise: Deann Reese, Director - 829-5357
  • G3--Girls of God's Grace (liturgical dance for girls): Contact Tonya for more information - 532-2429
  • Women’s Choir and Men’s Choir: Connie Knott, Director –
  • Praise Teams: Tim Tomasek, 532-6628; Jim Christianson, 537-1337; Brannon McCain, 310-938-3965