First Lutheran Outreach

The goal for the Outreach Committee is to strive to fulfill the First Lutheran vision statement, which is, "We are believers seeking to invite all into the caring, sharing and growing ways of Christ". Our vision compels us to reach out with compassion to those in need, to be inviting to all, to break down barriers and to reach across lines of status and culture, increasing our visibility in the community.

Romans 15:7 direct us to warmly welcome each other into church, just as Christ has welcomed us; then God will be glorified.

Some activities of our committee include:

  • “In-Reach” to congregational inactive members, by contacting face-to-face and by telephone.
  • Facilitate the welcoming and orientation of visitors and new members of First Lutheran.
  • Spiritual care of the Congregation by coordinating the delivery of May Day baskets to all congregational members 85 years old and above.
  • Congregational Fellowship by organizing church potluck meals, an annual outdoor worship service, and various other congregational events throughout the year.
  • Improve communications through the church’s website, email, and Facebook accounts.
  • Update the church’s advertising in the Marshall Newspaper, Marshall Radio, and Facebook for our Sunday Worship, Christian Education, and any other special events.
  • Encourage the congregation to reach out and invite friends, family, and co-workers to worship with us.

We look for ways to be beacons of God’s love in our community.