First Lutheran Milestone Ministries

We want to celebrate MILESTONES together on life’s journey! A faith milestone is a marker along life's journey that says, "This is something important and God is here, too." Marking a milestone is a biblically-based spiritual practice for both home and congregation. It helps all generations recognize God IS the central core of our lives everyday!

Four Elements of a Faith Milestone:

  • Naming the sacred and ordinary events that are recognized in the life of a congregation, as well as in our daily lives.
  • Bringing generations together, building community, inviting conversation, encouraging storytelling and providing information.
  • Blessing the individual and marking the occasion in a worship service and in the home.
  • Gifting with a tangible, visible item to serve as a reminder or symbol of the occasion, as well as a resource for the ongoing nurture of faith in daily life.

Our Faith Milestones:

  • Birth: Baptism
  • 1 year old: Faith chest
  • 2 year old: Story Bible
  • 3 year old: Celebrating Family Sunday School
  • 4 year old: Welcome to TLC (Teaching the Love of Christ)
  • Kindergarten: Presentation of the Milestone Bowls and stones
  • 1st Grade: Prayer
  • 2nd Grade: Presentation of their Bible
  • 3rd Grade: Stewardship… God’s Work Our Hands
  • 4th Grade: Acolyte Training
  • 5th Grade: First Communion
  • 6th Grade: God Loves Me
  • 7th Grade: Welcome to Confirmation!
  • 8th Grade: Affirmation of Baptism
  • Freshmen: Starting High School Celebration
  • Sophomore: Blessing of the Driver’s License
  • Junior: Your Quest to FLY
  • 12th Grade: Baccalaureate
  • ALL AGES: Blessing of the Backpacks each fall