Church Council

Executive Committee

President: Stacy Frost
Vice President: Eric Luther
Secretary: Peggy Anderson
Treasurer: Paul Freeburg
Past President: Rick Purrington
Interim Pastor: Sara Vanderpan

Education Committee

Alyssia Coudron
Kendall Olson
Julie Kuecker
Dealyn Rose
Katie Rigge

Outreach Committee

Lisa Henning
Shannon Pederson
Ellen Pagel
Amy Larsen
J Jurgens
Amme Houseman

Property & Management Committee

Ron Halgerson
Chuck Muller
Eric Miller
Jim Fischer
Lee Raske
Eric Bly

Social Ministries Committee

Dorothy Krogen
Twila Henning
Connie Knott
Chris Fischer
Tim Norum

Stewardship Committee

Cliff Carmody
Four open positions

First Lutheran Women

Corlys Knutson
Kim Christianson
Dawn Planting
Shirley Anderson-Porisch
Ruth Quist
Pam Russell
DeAnna Zimmer

Worship & Music Committee

Rosie Sorum
Denise Schneekloth
Diane Taylor
Tim Tomasek
Jane Hartman
Brian Kruse

Youth Committee

Kristi Radtke
Ryne Myhrberg
Tim/Erin Moline
Jason/Amber Swenson
Julie Phillippe
Ray/Nancy Paulzine

Personnel Committee

Rick Purrington
Stacy Frost
Interim Pastor Sara Vanderpan

The Church Council meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm.

All church council members are assigned to a specific committee as well as serving on the full council.